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Surviving the Whisky Festival

The key to surviving any event involving alcoholic spirits is not to over indulge, practice quality over quantity. You can help your self by drinking lots of water during the tasting and having a solid meal before the event.

Try to avoid strong foods as they will affect your ability to taste and adversely affect your sense of smell. Your sense of smell can also be temporarily affected by strong alcohol aromas and the act of simply sniffing a glass of still water for a few moments will 'reset' your nose.

Get Home Safe

It is a condition of entry that attendees agree to no drinking and driving. Please arrange for a safe ride home from the event.

Perfume, Cologne & After Shave Free Zone!

One of the joys of any whisky event is nosing whisky in the glass to identify the subtle & delicate aromas that are clues to the history of the whisky and the type of cask used in maturation. These delicate aromas can be completely over whelmed by Perfume, Cologne & after shave worn on your own person or even by somebody else quite far away, please refrain from wearing any scent for the duration of the Festival and advise accompanying guests accordingly.

Conditions of Entry

The Victoria Whisky Festival supports responsible drinking. It is a condition of entry that participants do not drink and drive. The laws of the liquor control and licensing act will be strictly adhered to.

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